If you have piles of paper everywhere and can’t find time on your day to day to tackle this, we will sort it out.

what we do

It’s been proven that an organised working environment has enormous benefits not just for your wellbeing, but also for the your business.

I’ve worked as PA and Office Manager for many years and know that day to day is so busy that leaves no time to deal with longer tasks that require time and focused action.

From sorting out paperwork, to reorganising the space so that you make better use of it and also workshops for your team so they can improve their organising methods.


how we do it


  • We start with a phone call to discuss the details of your project and define your goals

  • We create collaborative online workspace where tasks are broken down and due dates are assigned

  • Inspiration mood boards with customised images and storage solutions

  • Unlimited email correspondence to get ideas and feedback

  • Product recommendations for storage solutions, if needed.


• We organise any collections of unwanted items that might need to cleared

• We will contact you to find out how things are going, three months after the end of the project to check on how things are going and to discuss and address anything else which needs rethinking.