I hired Filipa to declutter and re-organise my work space. She brought fresh ideas, an incredible array of skills, an ability to work sympathetically and flexibly with my needs, a commitment to the project which went above and beyond what I asked of her, absolute professionalism and attention to detail and was just an absolute pleasure to have in my home and my life. I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.

Sara W.

We hired Filipa to give us a hand in organising our living room which doubles (triples!) as dining space and our son’s playground! We had reached a really messy stage but Filipa wasn't fussed! She gently guided us on a deep re-organisation of the space with her practical tips and keen eye for simplicity. Also I noticed she never judged what we wanted to keep/throw away and never forced any "ideal way" of living. It was quite intense as we touched every single item on the living room but the result is really life changing. We now have a place for everything (specially the kid's stuff) and it is easy to keep up daily! It's been a couple of weeks since Filipa has come over and things are still looking neat. I would highly recommend Filipa, she will make you fall in love with your house again! Thanks a lot Filipa!

Sara G.



Filipa entered my home with bags of positivity and encouragement and helped me to imagine the (Im)possible. She has empowered us to completely transform our bedroom walk-in wardrobe from a dumping ground into a functional, enjoyable, peaceful space. Her method is a revelation!



Filipa completely transformed my kitchen in a way which I could never have imagined. It was such as chaotic mess that I didn’t know where to start. Filipa organised all my kitchen cupboards, getting rid of anything I didn’t need, categorising everything in a functional way, and most importantly, making it look amazing. She is highly creative, logical and inspiring. It has got me exciting about cooking again. I would definitely recommend Filipa if you are moving, or just need to bring a sense of order to your home to bring it back to life!

Hibi R.

lux wardrobe.jpg

I highly recommend Filipa! I hired her to help me reorganize a new wardrobe I just installed but in only two three-hour sessions we organized four wardrobes for clothes and other items that I hadn't bothered tidying up for years (I also gave away almost half of my clothes). She is extremely efficient and has a good eye for creative and space-saving solutions which I never would have thought of myself. She also gave me good tips on how to keep the wardrobes as perfectly organized as they are now. I would definitely recommend hiring Filipa as a great investment to anyone who is not born with the gift of organization or is simply overwhelmed by the task of sorting out through the mess that has accumulated over time!

Raffaella G.

I was moving house and putting a lot of my stuff into storage. Filipa spent a couple of hours with me just helping me consider what should go into storage and what should go to the charity shop. It was wonderful. I've saved money because I was able to let go of so much stuff, which I won't have to pay for storage of. But also I feel clearer and lighter. Filipa helped me get into a really healthy headspace, without being to fierce with me (!) to see that even some of my nicest things were ready to be appreciated by someone else. When I eventually come to unpacking my boxes, it will be a treat rather than a drag.

Izzy M.

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office meeting room.jpg

We employed Filipa to tidy and re-organise the office after several years of chaotic mess had built up. She did a brilliant job and was proactive and conscientious. She consolidated boxes of documents, photos and materials, working out the best way to file them away. She also tidied and arranged the shelves, tables, kitchen and storage units. She has a real knack for quickly working out the what things are 'for' and where they should go. She needed very little input from office staff to get on with the job. At the same time, she checks in on tasks frequently to make sure she's going in the right direction. She is also sociable and pleasant to work alongside. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Tom S.