Can you do it without me?

It depends on the project, but I always need to work with you at some point in the process.

When moving home, me and my team can start unpacking and organising all the boxes for you. After everything is unpacked we will have to go through everything together and decide what to keep, where and how.

If it’s home or office decluttering, then it’s essential to start working together so you can decide as we go along and rejoice when the space is all clear. I can then follow up and add any details and styling that we agreed.

I’m embarrassed of my messy space. Do I have to tidy up before our session?

Not at all. Actually, the messier the better, because this way we will be able to better identify the most challenging bits and sort it out accordingly. Besides, I wouldn’t have chosen this profession if I didn’t like messy spaces. No judgement and absolute confidentiality are guaranteed and part of the code of ethics that I follow.

Why don’t you have before & after pictures in your website?

I know everyone loves a good before & after… However, I have decided not to have them, as I prefer not to expose my clients’ homes to the world wide web. I do however have a project featured on Houzz and I have some pictures in my portfolio that I am happy to share in our first free taster session, if you would like to.

How long will a session take?

Each session takes 3 hours. Sometimes a bit longer is you’re full of stamina and you just can’t stop. I wouldn’t recommend more than that as most people’s focus tends to become exhaustion after that time. It’s important to keep the momentum and not overdo it.

The whole project timescale will depend on 4 things:

  • The size of the space we are clearing

  • The amount of clutter within that space

  • How fast you make your decisions

  • And how much “homework” you are able do in between sessions

In essence, your motivation level to do it will be the main factor that will influence the whole process. Some people simply need someone to help them get started, and then finish the work single handedly. Others prefer to work with the organiser from start to finish.

What can be done in 3 hours?

As a rule of thumb, a session is usually enough to complete a small task such as wardrobe, utility room, cupboard or hallway.

Larger spaces or more complex spaces, such as home offices, kitchens, playrooms or heavily cluttered areas can take several sessions.

After the taster session, I will be able to send you a detailed proposal with a realistic timeline and number of sessions needed. Once again, your motivation levels will highly influence the time it takes to complete the project.

How much does it cost?

A single session (3 hours) costs £150, with all the extras included. If you want to buy a package, you will get discounts. Check here for more details.

For home moves, price can vary, as it will depend on other factors and how involved you want to be in the project.

What exactly happens during the session?

As a declutter coach I work together with you during our sessions. We start by reflecting on what is working and not working in a specific area. We visualise what you want to do with it and then we create a strategy to achieve our goals. Finally, we just get on with it and start moving things around.

What’s the best time to do it?

Basically, it’s when you know that you will have the energy and headspace for it. This tends to be in the morning or early afternoon. Doing it after a hard day’s work can be challenging, but some people can do it. I work weekends for this reason, as most clients will have more free time during the weekend.

Is this a one time thing, or will you need to come back in a month?

As a coach, my objective is to guide and help you to set up functional systems that adapt to your lifestyle and are easy to maintain overtime. My clients start seeing and feeling the benefits of decluttering and usually it becomes part of their daily routines.

Empowering you to deal with clutter and unwanted items without needing me, is one of my main goals.

Can my kids be around during the sessions?

I love children, so that’s all good for me, but be aware that very young children might slow us down. I would recommend having someone to look after them during the sessions, if possible. For teenagers’ rooms, they should definitely be there as they will be key to provide input.

Where are you based?

I’m based in central London and I cover Zone 1 and 2, with preference for North and East, as I’m based in East Islington. If you live further away, please call to discuss. I may travel to your area or may be able to offer virtual organising.

I want to refer a friend. How can I do this?

That’s very kind of you and we do love friends!

They just need to refer your name in their email/message and you will get 15% discount in future sessions. It’s a win win for all!

If you still have questions, don’t be shy!

Send me a message and I’ll get back to your ASAP.